Care Guide


To maintain the bright and vibrant colours of your Christmas stockings and prevent colour runs, we recommend washing them either by hand or using a brief 30°c cycle. Always wash them with similar colours, and for added protection against discolouration, use colour catchers during the wash. Please refrain from tumble drying.

Stocking Maintenance

At, we take pride in the luxurious premium flock finish used to personalise our stockings. Fock is a fibrous fabric, as such, it might attract lint and debris depending on how they are stored. To keep the personalised detail looking pristine, we advise using a lint roller or sticky tape to remove any lint or dust. Always store your stockings in a clean and dry environment.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your stockings are well-cared for and maintain their fresh appearance, just like new!

Making Christmas Personal

With our HQ located in Westport, we have been supplying print and embroidery services on a national and international level for over 40 years.

At Christmas Stockings Ireland, we believe in making the Christmas season truly unforgettable and filled with joy.

Our beautiful range of personalised Christmas stockings, decorations, and gifts adds a unique and heartwarming touch to the festive season allowing you to create cherished memories and meaningful traditions.

This Christmas, embrace the magic of personalisation and make it a season to remember with Christmas Stockings Ireland.